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The Globe and Mail recently released an article titled “Income Preservation Should Be The Priority For Retirees.” Though the article had nothing to do with real estate, both subjects do go hand-in-hand. 


Income preservation should be on top of your mind for your retirement and you can use condos to do that.


“Rather than ensuring they don’t run out of money, investors and their advisors should worry more about creating a steady income throughout retirement that keeps pace with inflation.” 

- Darren Coleman, Senior Vice-President, Private Client Group and Portfolio Manager at Coleman Wealth.


Investing in condos is the perfect way to do so. Developments built after November 2018 do not have rent control, giving you the

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We’ve talked about the growing immigration rates and we’ve talked about Toronto becoming the hub for company HQ’s. This week we’re focusing on an industry that is growing exponentially in Toronto - film, television, digital streaming, and content generation. The industry is absolutely booming right now and it’s mainly because of Netflix.


Content Competition


Streaming is becoming more and more popular with many choosing to forego cable subscriptions, and instead choosing to sign up with streaming services. Over 50% of Ontario homes now have a Netflix subscription.


Since 2015, Netflix has increased their spending by about 30%. This year they spent $15 billion on content creation and the CEO has said they plan on continuing

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This week we’re talking about one of the top reasons people should move into a condo close to work that many don’t think about. 




That’s right, snow. Major weather events can positively impact your condo value. 


Last week Toronto had a record snowfall which immediately had people complaining about their commute (more than usual) and how people, all of a sudden, have forgotten how to drive.  


We know Toronto has the worst commute in North America, most if not all of us Torontonians have experienced it, combine it with a major storm and you’ve got a nightmare. It creates anxiety for anyone taking surface transportation for their commute. Whether it’s by car or by bus, it makes it very difficult for people to

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A recent report, published by Royal LePage, stated that 680,000 homes will be purchased by new Canadians over the next 5 years.

Homeownership in Canada

In Canada, the homeownership rate is 68%, with new Canadians rating at 32%. Typically, new Canadians wait 3 years after arriving in Canada to purchase a home. Before that they are renting properties, allowing for a 3 year lag in time which is great news for investors. This gives us an influx of new individuals that are renting and, lucky for us, most of them are coming to the Greater Toronto Area. 

The GTA is the largest population center in Canada. We are responsible for 20% of the GDP. Toronto has the economic growth engine, this is where the jobs are, and is the most multicultural

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Don't just take my word for it. We have someone else that built a 15M real estate portfolio!

In today's video, we take a look at a recent article in the Toronto Star titled How a TTC driver quietly bought up a corner of the city. 

In this article, The Toronto Star details the life of a Portuguese immigrant, Manuel Gomes, who moved to Canada decades ago with no money and began a career as a TTC driver. What people didn't know about him was that he was slowly accumulating an extensive real estate investment portfolio, which in today's money is worth $15M. 

How is that possible?

Over the years, Manny got in the habit of purchasing property, holding each one for a short while and then renting it out, doing this repeatedly until he eventually

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A Minto Success Story

There are great new opportunities coming to us from Minto in the next few weeks, but before we look into the details I wanted to share my own experience when investing in a Minto building. 

In 2014 there was a development called Minto Westside that went up on the corner of Bathhurst and Front Street, on the peripheral of what we know as King West. There are over 600 units in the project and a Farm Boy grocery store going into it. Myself and my team were responsible for representing the landlords and putting people in the property. Though the project was great and we were able to sell over 30 units, making us responsible for over 5% of the building, it was slightly difficult to sell as some of my regular investors did not

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I was inspired to create this video and article when I attended a wedding last weekend where I had the chance to catch up with a good friend from university. He’d come to Toronto from the US to attend the wedding and had the opportunity to invest into some condos, as well. In the end, he chose not to invest in Toronto condos because he didn’t believe in the market.

If you’ve been on the fringes of investing or contemplating selling the properties you already own, I’m hoping my personal experience will encourage you to invest and keep your condos.

My Real Estate Net Worth

After the wedding, I decided to calculate my real estate net worth and show you what I’ve grown since 2012 with an initial deposit of $39,300. This involves taking current

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We’ve discussed affordability when investing before, but today we’re going to be digging into some under-the-radar opportunities coming up in Toronto.

The Humber

The Humber is a very unique opportunity being developed at Lawrence West and Weston Road, just 400 meters from the Union Pearson Express and GO Train stop. Taking the UP Express, you can find yourself downtown in just 15 minutes which, from a transportation perspective, is absolutely incredible. With transportation being such a key element in Toronto real estate, this is going to add future value to the property.

In comes the affordable part. You can buy into this project for only 5% down and the pricing is $675 per square foot. That’s literally half the price of a condo in

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The apartment building market had a record year in 2018 at $8.3 billion and they’re looking to potentially beat that market in 2019. At the 6 month mark of 2019, the apartment building market hit $4 billion. We’re seeing rental growth rates of over 7% on rents year after year which is a very attractive asset that, of course, people are jumping all over. At this point, the only reason 2019 wouldn’t beat that record would be that there just isn’t enough product out there. Many apartment building owners aren’t looking to sell and want to pass it down to the next, creating generational wealth. This causes huge search and demand for these types of rental properties.

New Players Entering The Game

Historically, the traditional players that were

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  Recently a client approached me and asked if investing in a large condo in Toronto would be a good investment. The unit they were looking at is between 1,600 to 1,700 square feet and selling for about $2.3 million. They plan on living in the unit but wanted to know what the long-term prospects for the property were.    Let’s put this into perspective. We’ve talked about all the major companies moving their headquarters to downtown Toronto and some of the developments being built to accommodate the massive increase in population. Some of these professionals are executives earning high salaries that require larger living spaces. They could be downsizing or rightsizing and want to be close to the office base. Perhaps they’re coming from…
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