May 2017

Found 3 blog entries for May 2017. presents Nobu Condos launching May 30th. explains how Nobu condos will be filling the void in the Toronto luxury condo market. This building will cater to professionals looking for larger spaces and empty nesters relocating to the core looking for a higher standard. Over the past 5 years the demand for larger higher quality units has increased significantly and supply has remained fixed. New buildings have been dominated by smaller units which catered to first time buyers with only a few larger units on higher floors. Nobu condos will offer the space and luxury across an entire building – no more sharing the elevators with university students. Call/text 416-996-5181 or email for more

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Hello all. Welcome to and Episode number 5 on my journey on how I’m turning $39,300 into $1 million dollars. Today I’m going to talk about rent control. Recently we had the announcement about rent controls being implemented in Ontario.

I received a lot of questions from individuals:

“Alex, how is this going to impact your buying? What should I do?”

My response:

“This is great, buy more,”

Their response:

“This seem very counterintuitive. Buy more? But I can’t raise my rents.”

Well, with rent controls your current rental properties are locked in at set rate. Tenants do not have any incentive in the short to medium term to move. This means they’ll stay in the property longer because if they move their rent

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Welcome back to and episode 4 of my journey of growing $39,300 into a million dollars. Last week, we talked about the fundamentals of the Toronto real estate market and why it’s poised for long-term growth. I talked about this last week, because I wanted to set us up today to talk about my reactions to the Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan and it’s impacts on the market.

First: 15% Foreign Buyer Tax:

The foreign buyer, as defined by the act, is someone who does not have Permanent Residence/Landed status or is not a Canadian citizen. It doesn’t apply to non-residents who are Canadian Citizens. If you’re living in another country and are a Canadian citizen, it does not apply to you.

Other exceptions include:

  • if you are a
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