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We wanted to send along a very special project.    Including value we always look for 3 things when we bring investments to our clients:   - Transportation - Community - Upside   There is a 4th item that when it comes up makes the project a home run:   - scarcity    Welcome to Riverside Square:   Street Car developments is launching its final phase of Riverside Square. This development is going up just West of Queen and Broadview in the Vibrant Queen East neighbourhood of Riverside.    Streetcar developments is the same builder as Carnaby Condos the first condo I invested in. This resulted in a cheque for $142,000 for me and started my journey to achieving over $1,000,000 in real estate equity…
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What performed better over the last 5 years. Apple Stock or the average Downtown Toronto Condo?

Watch the full video above to get the breakdown. 

To mark the launch of the Iphone X we look at what performed better - Apple Stock or the Average Downtown Toronto Condo. 

The winner is the Average Toronto Downtown Condo by using leveraged returns AKA putting a mortgage on the property. 

When purchasing a condo as an investor you are not going to purchase the property all in cash - you are going to get a mortgage on the property and put 20% of the purchase price down. 

APPLE Stock VS Toronto Downtown Condo

5 Year Return 



Apple Stock

Oct. 26, 2012



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