December 2019

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The Globe and Mail recently released an article titled “Income Preservation Should Be The Priority For Retirees.” Though the article had nothing to do with real estate, both subjects do go hand-in-hand. 


Income preservation should be on top of your mind for your retirement and you can use condos to do that.


“Rather than ensuring they don’t run out of money, investors and their advisors should worry more about creating a steady income throughout retirement that keeps pace with inflation.” 

- Darren Coleman, Senior Vice-President, Private Client Group and Portfolio Manager at Coleman Wealth.


Investing in condos is the perfect way to do so. Developments built after November 2018 do not have rent control, giving you the

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We’ve talked about the growing immigration rates and we’ve talked about Toronto becoming the hub for company HQ’s. This week we’re focusing on an industry that is growing exponentially in Toronto - film, television, digital streaming, and content generation. The industry is absolutely booming right now and it’s mainly because of Netflix.


Content Competition


Streaming is becoming more and more popular with many choosing to forego cable subscriptions, and instead choosing to sign up with streaming services. Over 50% of Ontario homes now have a Netflix subscription.


Since 2015, Netflix has increased their spending by about 30%. This year they spent $15 billion on content creation and the CEO has said they plan on continuing

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