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Peter and Adelaide 


Graywood Developments the builder behind the luxury Ritz Carlton Toronto Hotel and Residences brings you their next project Peter and Adelaide. Located in the heart of the Entertainment District this tower will be a new landmark building wrapping around the North West corner of Peter and Adelaide. 

Area - The Entertainment District:

Located just West of the Financial District you are surrounded by landmark entertainment venues which are at your door step. Including:

- Tiff Lightbox - Home of Toronto International Film Festival

- Princess of Wales and Royal Alexandra Theatres

- Roy Thompson Hall

- Four Seasons Centre

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BREAKING NEWS - The sky did not fall and condo prices did not go down in September 2017 - they went up.

We ran the numbers:

The average price of a downtown Toronto condo was up 2.07% in from August 2017 ($614,671) to September 2017 ($627,393).

The average price of a downtown Toronto condo was up 20.63% from September 2016 ($520,089) to September 2017 ($615,734).

Watch the above video to get an in-depth look at the statistics and how your return would be 89.97 % on your total investment dollars.

If you want to start your journey to $1 Million dollars and plan your road map reach out to us and we can teach you how. Either email us or call 416-996-5181.

I want to help you retire early and build generational wealth.

303 Views, 0 Comments presents 'The One' by Mizrahi Developments.


Launching Oct 16th, 2017.

This new condo tower is going up on the south west corner of Yonge and Bloor at One Bloor Street West - the most sought after and desired piece of real estate in all of Toronto.

This building will redefine luxury and put Toronto on the international stage for real estate. Designed by Fosters and Partner who are responsible for such landmark builds as:

The Egg in London England
Apples new head office California
Riyadh’s Al-Faisaliah Tower
Apple Dubia Mall
And much more...
For a full breakdown - check out a list of their projects below:

Foster and Partners Projects

"The One" will be the tallest residential tower in Canada sitting at 85

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Canary Commons in The Canary District: presents the next phase in the The 35-acre master-planned Canary District, in the West Don Lands.

The Canary District is now bringing new energy and vitality to Toronto's downtown east. Home to the 82,000 sq.ft. Cooper Koo Family YMCA, George Brown College's first student residence, residential buildings and the health-focused, vibrant Front Street Promenade, Canary District is an active and growing community. Connected to the 18-acre Corktown Common park, trails, neighbouring Distillery District, Leslieville and downtown Toronto, Canary District is the perfect address to live, work, shop and play. With the new addition of Canary Commons, now is the ideal time to call Canary District

694 Views, 0 Comments Presents: Episode #9 - My journey from $39,300 to $1,000,000 by investing in Toronto Condos.

FAKE NEWS - When you read the headlines - The Greater Toronto Area Real Estate Market has dropped 35% it can be unnerving but I can assure you that this is not the case with the Toronto condo market.

We ran the numbers:

The average price of a downtown Toronto condo was up 18.4% in August 2017 ($614,671) from August 2016 ($501,566).

The average price of a downtown Toronto condo in August 2017 ($614,671) was basically the same as May 2017 ($615,734).

Watch the above video to get an in-depth look at the statistics. Learn what is really going on and why we see prices INCREASING this Fall.

If you want to start your journey to $1 Million

271 Views, 0 Comments Presents: Episode #8 - My journey from $39,300 to $1,000,000 by investing in Toronto Condos.

There has never been a better time to be a condo investor. 

- Rents are up 10-30% year over year.

- The condo market is poised to continue to grow as it is the affordable option for buyers. 

There are 17 projects launching this fall and we have narrowed them down to our Top 4 Picks. Watch the video above for a more in-depth discussion. 

NOTE: The projects are expected to launch end of September to beginning of October. If interested do not wait - fill out the form below to reserve your spot. 

1) The Kingly - this is a new project going up at King and Portland. Extremely good rents in this area. This building is going to be

309 Views, 0 Comments Presents: Episode #7 - My journey from $39,300 to $1,000,000 by investing in Toronto Condos. In previous episodes we have discussed:

- The fundamentals of the Toronto Condo Market and why we believe in it.
- We have discussed current market conditions and why we believe prices will still go up.
- We have given you the road map on how you can grow your own portfolio to over $1,000,000.
Today we discuss THE WHY. We get into the details on why you need to do this. We are not doing this to get rich, we are doing this to set ourselves up for the future. When watching this episode ask yourself where you want to be in 5, 10, 15, 20 years time.

We also discuss my 'whys'. If you are going to go on this journey with me I want you to know

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We have a very exciting episode today, because today I’m going to show you the road map on how to turn your initial down payment into $1,000,000 by investing in condos in downtown Toronto.

Previously, we have talked about how your principal residence has gone up in value. That’s fantastic, but the only way to unlock that value is if you sell. Since you also need to live somewhere, selling is not an option. So how can we tap in that equity?  Well, what we can do is go to the bank. We will talk to a banker who will send an appraiser to the property to give an appraisal of its current market value. The appraiser will also unlock the equity on property through a home equity line of credit.

Now, what we do with the home equity line of credit is

8,656 Views, 0 Comments presents Nobu Condos launching May 30th. explains how Nobu condos will be filling the void in the Toronto luxury condo market. This building will cater to professionals looking for larger spaces and empty nesters relocating to the core looking for a higher standard. Over the past 5 years the demand for larger higher quality units has increased significantly and supply has remained fixed. New buildings have been dominated by smaller units which catered to first time buyers with only a few larger units on higher floors. Nobu condos will offer the space and luxury across an entire building – no more sharing the elevators with university students. Call/text 416-996-5181 or email for more

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Hello all. Welcome to and Episode number 5 on my journey on how I’m turning $39,300 into $1 million dollars. Today I’m going to talk about rent control. Recently we had the announcement about rent controls being implemented in Ontario.

I received a lot of questions from individuals:

“Alex, how is this going to impact your buying? What should I do?”

My response:

“This is great, buy more,”

Their response:

“This seem very counterintuitive. Buy more? But I can’t raise my rents.”

Well, with rent controls your current rental properties are locked in at set rate. Tenants do not have any incentive in the short to medium term to move. This means they’ll stay in the property longer because if they move their rent

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