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Hello all. here and welcome to episode two on my journey and your journey on how we’re going to take you from an initial down payment, and for me $39,300, to building you up to $1 million. Today we are going to teach you how to get that initial downpayment. 


We got some great feedback from last week’s episode. The most important thing  I want to remind everyone this is a journey. You’re not going to get all your information in one video. There are lots of different concepts and lots of knowledge I have to pass along to you, so be patient and you’ll learn how you can go along and make that million dollars. 


We also received feedback that I’m responsible for the housing bubble in Toronto and it’s going to burst. I

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Hey all, here.

I’m making my triumphant return to video.

But its not a ‘date night in Yorkville’ video.

Those days are over.

I’m a little ticked off, and I’m ticked off at you guys.

Because you didn’t listen to me.

And you guys lost out on some significant opportunities to make money.

I shouldn’t say all.

Some of you did listen to me and I’m sure you’re very happy you did.

But, the majority of you always tell me:

“The Real Estate Market’s crashing”

“There is a bubble”

“We don’t want to invest in condos”

“Condo’s are bad”

“Condo’s are evil”

“Condos were sent by Satan”

That is the thing I hear on the street from you guys.

So, I want to walk you through my journey on my first

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