Embrace the Positives of Snow!

Posted by Alex Wilson on Monday, November 25th, 2019 at 9:15am.


This week we’re talking about one of the top reasons people should move into a condo close to work that many don’t think about. 




That’s right, snow. Major weather events can positively impact your condo value. 


Last week Toronto had a record snowfall which immediately had people complaining about their commute (more than usual) and how people, all of a sudden, have forgotten how to drive.  


We know Toronto has the worst commute in North America, most if not all of us Torontonians have experienced it, combine it with a major storm and you’ve got a nightmare. It creates anxiety for anyone taking surface transportation for their commute. Whether it’s by car or by bus, it makes it very difficult for people to get to work.


People who live in the suburbs have to leave before 7:00 in the morning in order to beat traffic but unfortunately, with rush hour being extended from 3:00-7:00 PM, you’re definitely hitting it on the way back. 


You Have A Choice


So what does this have to do with condos? Why would you bother moving into a “shoebox in the sky?”


Weather conditions that we experience from November to March are exactly why people should live in a condo close to work. It eliminates the point A to point B transportation and being late for unforeseen circumstances outside of your control like weather, accidents on the highway, or transit delays. You can skip all of that, go into your condo, take in the beautiful storm from your window, curl up on the couch with a blanket and a nice glass of wine, and not worry about any of the negatives snow tends to bring along with it. 


No wiping snow off your car, no shovelling your way out of the front door, or starting up the snowblower. 


We are in the era of the millennial population. They like efficiency and things made easy for them. This isn’t a bad thing. They realize that time is finite and value how they spend it. If they can eliminate the stresses that come with long commutes and bad weather they’ll see the major value in condo living. 


We Can Help You Invest

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