Episode #11 APPLE Stock VS Toronto Downtown Condo 5 Year Return

Posted by Alex Wilson on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 at 2:33pm.

What performed better over the last 5 years. Apple Stock or the average Downtown Toronto Condo?

Watch the full video above to get the breakdown. 

To mark the launch of the Iphone X we look at what performed better - Apple Stock or the Average Downtown Toronto Condo. 

The winner is the Average Toronto Downtown Condo by using leveraged returns AKA putting a mortgage on the property. 

When purchasing a condo as an investor you are not going to purchase the property all in cash - you are going to get a mortgage on the property and put 20% of the purchase price down. 

APPLE Stock VS Toronto Downtown Condo

5 Year Return 



Apple Stock

Oct. 26, 2012


Apple Stock

Oct. 31, 2017


Toronto Condo

Oct 2012


Toronto Condo

Sept 2017


 * Prices from Ychart and include dividend payments and stock splits. 

Cash on Cash Return



Apple Stock



But we can use


Leveraged Return – Using Mortgages AKA other People’s Money

APPLE Stock VS Toronto Downtown Condo 5 Year Return

20% Downpayment


Land transfer tax


Legal Fees


Total Capital


Equity Paydown*


*2.85% 5 year fixed rate mortgage amortized over 30 years. Source Ratehub.ca.


Leveraged Return



Apple Stock


Overall if you purchased Apple Stock 5 years ago or if you purchased a condo downtown Toronto with 20% down you would have been better off buying a condo. 

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