How I Made 500% In My Initial Investment

Posted by Alex Wilson on Monday, October 21st, 2019 at 9:00am.

A Minto Success Story

There are great new opportunities coming to us from Minto in the next few weeks, but before we look into the details I wanted to share my own experience when investing in a Minto building. 

In 2014 there was a development called Minto Westside that went up on the corner of Bathhurst and Front Street, on the peripheral of what we know as King West. There are over 600 units in the project and a Farm Boy grocery store going into it. Myself and my team were responsible for representing the landlords and putting people in the property. Though the project was great and we were able to sell over 30 units, making us responsible for over 5% of the building, it was slightly difficult to sell as some of my regular investors did not believe in the project. 

You may find it humorous now, but back in 2014 people found that the Bathurst and Front area was out of the way. Investors wondered how people living there would get to work. When I suggested they could walk or jump on the street car down the road they laughed and said people would not do so when it’s raining or snowing. They said “It’s too far. Where’s the subway?” It was also more of an industrial area, including car dealerships and random warehouses. 

When a new investment opportunity comes up I take a look at which area it’s in, how the area functions, and of course the quality of the builder. But what I focus on most is what the area will look like 5 years from now. I invested in a Bathurst and Front unit myself and received the keys this year. As predicted, the area drastically expanded and Minto Westside is one of the hottest projects for people to live in from a rental perspective. Multiple offers were made on most of our units.

I paid $267,490 for a 428 square feet, 1 bedroom unit, with a 20% deposit of nearly $54,000. Today, the current value for that unit is $550,000. As you can see, the value of the initial purchase price has more than doubled, with the difference being $282,510. So the actual return on my initial deposit is 528%. Not only that, I had 4 competing rental offers and was able to rent my unit for $2,300 per month, which works out to $5.30 per square foot. An incredible return on the property. 

A Builder You Can Count On

Not only was the building in a great spot, it was built with great amenities. Minto Group is a top-notch builder based in Ottawa that has been around for over 60 years and has expanded theirs projects into Toronto, Calgary, and Florida. Each project is backed by significantly deep pockets, a brand they protect and care deeply about, and puts a lot of energy and focus on creating a positive customer service experience. Minto wants you to believe in the brand as much as they do so you’ll continually invest with them. Their projects continue to stand the test of time and are a true testament to their brand.

I have seen great success when investing in their buildings and so have my clients. And because of that success, my clients want to know as soon as the next Minto building is in the works and invest in a piece of it. Lucky for all of us, Minto is back with 2 new projects in the downtown core of Toronto.

0123 Portland & The Saint

The first project coming up at the end of October is The Saint, a development being built at 89 Church Street, on the peripherals of the St. Lawrence market area and a couple blocks away from the financial core. Looking forward 5 years, the building will be finished in a completely gentrified area. We expect the pricing to start in the 600’s but easily see that area going well above those price points in the next 5 years. This development is going to be one of the top investment opportunities this fall. 

The second development going up is the 0123 Portland project. This building is being built in King West, an already gentrified area. With the most common units being around the 1,300 to 1,400 square foot mark and the penthouse or terrace units being between 1,500 to 1,600 square feet, we’re expecting them to be priced higher than The Saint. You can feel confident knowing that with either building, Minto will leave money on the table compared to other high-end projects in that area to give back to their investors, making sure everyone profits from these opportunities.

Follow The Money

Based on my past success, and the success of others who have invested with Minto, I believe both these projects are incredible opportunities coming to us this fall, whether you already have a portfolio or are looking to get in on the investment market.

These projects will help you build generational wealth and financial freedom, and I want to help you do that. Email or call/text (416) 996-5181. We’ll set up a meeting and find out more information on these projects in the coming days.



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