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Posted by Alex Wilson on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 at 5:22pm.

Welcome to Tour Des Canadiens 3 (TDC3) - Half The Price of a Downtown Toronto Condo on Yonge Street in Prime Montreal

Diversify your Toronto portfolio with an investment in the Montreal Market - with a prime downtown location. 

Why Montreal:

- 5.8% unemployment - lowest unemployment rate since 1976.
- No Foreign buyer tax.
- Open immigration policies - 52,000 new immigrants expected in 2019.
- Real estate sales ate highest levels in 10 years.
- Home to McGill - Ranked the 3rd best university in Canada. 
- NO DEVELOPMENT FEES on closing. 

Why Tour Des Canadiens 3

- Part of Windsor Quad $2 Billion Dollar Development which includes Deloitte Tower and 1600 jobs and nearly 500,000 sq. ft. of office space.
- TD3 will be priced below current market values - low to mid 600 psf. 
- Connected to subway system to take you around Montreal. 
- Connected to the Bell Centre. 
- Built by Industry leading builder Canderel - builder market leading of Aura, YC and DNA condos in Toronto.
- Phase One (TDC1) is currently selling on resale market for $690 psf and renting for $2.95 psf. 
- With maintenance fees of only 0.41 cents a ft. a low PSF and rents of nearly $3.00 psf these condos will be cashflow positive. 
Note: The majority of rental inventory in Montreal is from the 60's and 70's there is a lack of high quality new product like TDC3. 
One day sales event Feb 24th - click below to register for floor plans, pricing and more information.
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SNC Lavalin won the bid to build the 67km REM network in Montreal.  Construction starts in April with opening in summer of 2021.  just in time for when TDC3 completes.  the LRT system will be a 5-10 mins walk from the skybridge at TDC3 underground to the main station and take you to the airport and around Montreal.  this is huge for owners as pricing will increase dramatically in the building once this is completed.  here is the article announcing:

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